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Things Happened In The Social Media World Last Week

We all know nothing stays the same in the world of social media — whether it's new features, updates, or announcements. So if you're feeling a little behind on your social media game, here's what happened last week in the social media universe.

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We all know nothing stays the same in the world of social media — whether it's new features, updates, or announcements.

So if you're feeling a little behind on your social media game, here's what happened last week in the social media universe.

I don't know how your last week was. But I do know what things have changed in the social media world last week. First Instagram extended its reels duration, then Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg Announces Her Pending Exit from the Company, Snapchat displayed local restaurants nearby on Snap map, and many more.

So just scroll down, to know all the latest updates on social media platforms to keep you in the loop on what you should be using.

Instagram Updates

Instagram reels are now in their next phase as the parent company meta launched a series of new updates, where you’ll be able to create reels in a longer format maximum of up to 90 seconds.

Also, a range of new stickers to reels got added a week ago, where you’ll now have new ways to make your reels more creative than before and you guys can better connect with your audience.

Meta is also adding a new “Sound Sync” option, which will enable Reels creators to automatically sync their video clips to the beat of a chosen music track.

But! except from these creative features, Instagram showed its concern about the issue of missing children. And pointing out this cause meta stated that:

“We know that the chances of finding a missing child increase when more people are on the lookout, especially in the first few hours. With this update, if an AMBER Alert is activated by law enforcement and you are in the designated search area, the alert will now appear in your Instagram feed.”

This feature got rolled out on June 1, 2022, and will be fully available in the next couple of weeks in 25 countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Ecuador, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, Taiwan, Ukraine, the UK, the United Arab Emirates, and the US.

So, these were the updates from Instagram.

Snapchat Updates

Last year, Snapchat introduced Layers and within months it quickly became one of the most popular ways for Snapchatters to connect with friends and find things to do in their area.

On 03 June 2022, The Infatuation, a popular restaurant review site, got partnered with Snapchat to create a new map layer. The new experience allows Snapchat users in eight cities to find nearby restaurants that have been rated highly by the site's contributors. These cities were New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, D.C, and London can use the Layer to find top Infatuation-approved restaurants nearby.

Plus, Snapchatters from around the world will now automatically see Infatuation reviews in Place Profiles in more than 50 cities around the world.

For Snapchatters in major Infatuation hubs, all they have to do to get started is head to our new menu in the upper right-hand corner of the Snap Map and tap The Infatuation icon.

Once the Layer is activated, Snapchatters will see all of their local tops eats and can share their top picks with friends via chat, or add restaurants to their favorites to return back to later–so, whether the night calls for five-course fine dining, or just a quick sushi fix, The Infatuation on Snap Map has you covered.

Pinterest Updates

On May 31, Pinterest launched ads for all businesses in Japan. Businesses of all sizes now have access to multiple types of ad formats and targeting options in Japan to reach new audiences with meaningful, useful content as they discover ideas and plan new projects

Japan is the next country to launch as part of the global expansion of Pinterest’s ad program. On Pinterest, brands are additive to the Pinner experience. People come to Pinterest to discover products and services, for their wardrobe, for their new home, for their next holiday and advertisers want to be discovered

There is incredible harmony between them both. With Pinterest, you can inspire the decisions of consumers because commercial content enhances the Pinterest user’s experience

People come to Pinterest looking for products and services to plan their futures and build their lives because 97% of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded and consist of 2-3 word queries, the majority of consumers are not typing a brand name into their searches, which is why Pinterest is such an effective place to reach people while they’re still considering their next purchase and haven’t decided on a brand.

Pinterest is one of the rare platforms where it is truly possible for brands to engage with new customers who are intentional, open, and making buying decisions.

We recently opened ads to a small group of Japanese businesses as early partners.

Brands such as BAYCREW'S and Cowcamo have already seen success using Pinterest Ads to tap into an audience on Pinterest that is looking for what to try or buy next.

“Pinterest stands out as a positive environment where consumers come to find inspiration for what to do or buy next. We give businesses of all sizes an opportunity to connect with consumers early in their decision-making journey and we’re proud to expand our global advertising program to Japan. Our advertisers play an incredible role in enabling Pinterest users to turn inspiration into action so they can create a life they love, and we’re excited to enable Japanese businesses to now connect with our engaged audience through ads.” - Kei Narita, Country Manager for Japan at Pinterest

Twitter Updates

Twitter Circle:

Twitter Safety, one of the official handles maintained by the site, revealed in a tweet that the company has been testing the feature for some time.

According to the tweet, users will be able to share tweets with a relatively small number of people once the feature is active.

"Some Tweets are for everyone & others are just for people you’ve picked. We’re now testing Twitter Circle, which lets you add up to 150 people who can see your Tweets when you want to share with a smaller crowd. Some of you can create your own Twitter Circle beginning today!” read the tweet.

Community Filter:

The second update was that Twitter now allows you to sort your community feeds by either tapping 'for you' which will display the top tweets in each community according to your engagement history or 'latest', so the newest community feeds appear at the top.

Twitter Create:

Now, you can monetize your Twitter account with this feature.

Twitter Create was formerly known as Twitter Media and provides product guides, case studies, and interviews with social influencers.

Now, Twitter is encouraging its users to be influential voices on the platform.


So, that was all about the recent updates from the social media giants.

And! There is a lot more to come, who knows what might be the next biggest feature these giants can deliver.

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