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PhysicsWallah: India's first Edtech Unicorn (From YouTube Channel to a billion-dollar company)

PhysicWallah aka Alakh Pandey is one of India's top educators. He has millions of subscribers on the Youtube channel. He taught physics in a very easy way.


PhysicWallah aka Alakh Pandey is one of India's top educators. He has millions of subscribers on the Youtube channel. He taught physics in a very easy way.

Alakh Pandey started his YouTube channel “ Physics Wallah” on 27 January 2014 as a physics teacher. Before that, He used to teach in coaching institutes.

And now, Physics Wallah raises $100 million to become India's 101st unicorn.

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Initially, he started teaching physics, and chemistry to students in 10th, 11th, and 12th classes.

Later He started teaching online courses, including IIT, JEE mains, JEE advance, NEET, and Medical on his Youtube channel.

And by this time he has become India’s top Edtech unicorn leaving all other fellow competitors by far.

His lectures are mostly based on NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training).NCERTs are the most preferable and followed books in the Indian education system.

He has millions of online students who never skip a single video of Alakh Pandey.

Alakh Pandey became a famous Teacher (Youtuber) because of his unique and easy study teachings and methods.


Soon after he started posting his physics lecture on youtube, he became quite famous among students due to his unique style of teaching.

As he was an average child in his school days, he’s familiar with the problems a student faces in understanding, therefore knew very well how to get any topic in a child's mind.

In the pandemic times, Physics Wallah became more popular. By this time he had about a million students who were consistently following his lectures.

He had become a sensation in the Indian education system because had provided quality education at such a low cost than any other educational institute.

His notes and lectures were very appreciated by the student for easy and better understanding.

By this time his youtube channels have more than 7 million subs on 6 channels.


After becoming famous on youtube he hired many other educators expanding his teaching genre with more sustainable and improved education.

By June 2020, they launched the app- PHYSICS WALLAH. This app has more than 6 million users across the country, making it one of the top educational apps.

Physics wallah team has very organized and highly personalized content on their platform as well as on youtube, due to which their subscriber counts have been increasing efficiently.

Students get competitive-level education at very low prices, so they prefer the physics wallah course in spite of extensive coaching institutes.

These students have been constantly performing well in all India-level competitive exams like -JEE(Mains/Advanced), NEET, NTSE, KVPY, and many more…

This had increased students' reliability on them, making India one of the biggest educational giants.


Physics Wallah aka Alakh Pandey’s journey has been hard working and inspiring from a college dropout to becoming a billionaire. He has a tremendous fanbase in the younger generation and he’s also a motivational speaker, through his thoughts and direct interaction he always motivates and stays connected to his students.

This all had made him help in becoming the first educator unicorn in India.