June 9 · 12 min read

10 Simple Digital Marketing Tips for Your Competitors Probably Don’t Know

I have mentioned some simple tips that you can apply to your business to rocket your growth. It doesn't matter if you're a newbie at marketing or an intergalactic space duck with 0 experience in the field, there's some way that you can improve your presence online using these tips.


There are tons of digital marketing strategies out there on the web, and it's obvious that everyone is using them.

So, how you can make yourself different from them or I mean from your competitors.

Let's say Ahref launched a new strategy on youtube or say even a blog and got a pretty good amount of views. Now that strategy is in everyone’s arsenal and then the competition will gradually increase on that too.

See, if you want to stand out in this digital marketing space, you should know the basics first, and then move on to the advanced strategies, if it's not working for you.

Why? because sometimes we tend to focus on the bigger picture, ignoring those small things that are really effective, if done in the right way.

And today you will get to know about those little yet simple digital marketing tips that your competitors probably don't know, and which can make you stand out from them.

Well, we all know that Digital Marketing is a booming industry. And things don't remain the same here. So to cope up with this industry, your fundamentals play a vital role.

And If you know where to look. Then only you can survive here.

On that note,here in this blog, I have mentioned some simple tips that you can apply to your business to rocket your growth. It doesn't matter if you're a newbie at marketing or an intergalactic space duck with 0 experience in the field, there's some way that you can improve your presence online using these tips.

So, without future ado, let's cut to the chase.

Tip 1: Focus on One or two things

Digital Marketing is one of those things where there are so many options or digital marketing strategies available for you that it becomes difficult to choose which one to go with.

Don’t try too many things at once because it will only confuse your audience and they won’t know what you want from them.

Focus on one or two things and see how much money they can bring in before moving on to another one.

Don’t try to do everything at once. Pick one strategy that works for your business and stick with it until it delivers results.

For example, if Facebook ads are working well for your business, then stick with those ads for several months before trying something new.

Tip 2: Choose your go-to social media platforms

One of the most effective ways to reach out to new customers is through social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are widely used by millions of people every day around the world.

These platforms also offer plenty of features that allow users to share pictures and videos, increasing brand awareness among potential buyers (and even current clients!).

However, as with any other marketing strategy, not all platforms are created equal so choosing the right one(s) for your business will depend on its target audience demographics and goals.

So, choose two or three platforms that work best for your target audience, and focus on those.

Tip 3: Boost your brand exposure with Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people who have a large following on social media and can influence the buying decisions of their audience.

They can be celebrities, bloggers, journalists, or even regular users with a large number of followers.

In most cases, influencers promote brands for free in exchange for access to products or services they may need.

In order to get the most out of influencer marketing, you need to find a suitable influencer that has a large following on social media and also matches your target audience.

“For example, if your business sells technology products, it would be better if you found an influencer who is an expert in technology rather than fashion.”

When choosing an influencer, make sure that he or she is actually interested in your product or service and is not just doing it for money alone.

You can easily check this by looking at their social media profiles and reading through their blog posts and articles online.

You should also make sure that the influencers you choose are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because this will help increase your brand awareness among potential customers as well as improve sales conversion rates among existing customers who already follow these influencers online.

Tip 4: Content is the King

You might think that content is not important when it comes to digital marketing. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Content has always been the king of all types of marketing – whether it be traditional or digital. As long as there are people who want information on a particular topic, the content will always be valuable!

While creating content is one thing that all businesses should focus on, deciding on what type of content should be created can often be difficult.

You can start with Blog posts, trust me they are great for increasing awareness about your brand, informing customers about new products/features/services, etc., and also for generating leads.

Tip 5: Build Your Tribe on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 400 million users. The platform has grown into a hub where people share insights, ideas, and more. It’s also become an essential tool for recruiters looking to fill jobs and find new employees.

LinkedIn offers a number of ways for you to expand your reach:

Create a profile – Having an active LinkedIn profile will help build your credibility online and establish yourself as an authority in your industry or niche.

Share content – Posting valuable content is one of the best ways to build trust with prospective clients and customers by showing them that you care about their needs and interests.

Join groups – Joining relevant groups will allow you to expand your network even further by interacting with like-minded professionals from all over the world who are interested in similar topics as you!

Tip 6: Outreach to ideal prospective

You should be creating a list of ideal prospects who are likely to visit your site and buy from you. These are people who are in the same industry as yours, but not necessarily competing with you directly.

The goal is to get them to visit your website so they can see what you do and hopefully become customers later on. If they know they can trust you, they will be more likely to purchase from you than from someone else who doesn’t have any reviews or testimonials on their website yet.

Tip 7: Build Quality Backlinks

if you want to grow your website, it’s important to build quality backlinks. You can do this by reaching out to other bloggers in your niche and offering a guest post on their blogs.

A guest post is an article written by someone else on your website. It’s a great way to get exposure because people will be able to see your content on another website that has more traffic than yours.

You can also use tools like BuzzSumo or Ahrefs to find websites that have popular content related to yours, and reach out directly with an email asking for a link exchange or for permission to post something on their blog.

Tip 8: Play around with Graphics

You’re not going to be able to compete with the big guys in terms of spending money on digital marketing, so one way to gain an advantage is to put a little more effort into your graphics.

You don’t need to hire a professional designer, but there are plenty of free tools out there that can help you create images that stand out from the crowd.

If you’re selling something fun and exciting like holidays or toys for children then you can really get creative with your images

For example, you could use cartoon characters or bright colors in order to catch people’s attention as they scroll down their social media feeds

If you have a more serious product or service then it might make sense for your images to reflect this by being more serious and professional looking

Tip 9: Talk like a Human

It’s easy to talk to people in an automated way, using keywords and phrases like “click here” or “learn more.”

But the best digital marketers know that their customers don’t want to be talked at like that; they want to feel like they are being spoken with directly.

In fact, it’s better if you can make your customers feel as though they are talking directly to one of your employees—a real person who understands their problems and knows how to solve them.

Even if you aren’t able to do that all the time, try it whenever possible.

Tip 10: Offer Value, not service

In a world where everyone is offering “free shipping” or “free returns,” it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the pack.

The best way to stand out from the competition is by offering value beyond just the product or service you sell.

Let's say there is this guy Warby Parker, which offers customers a home try-on program where they can order five pairs of glasses for free and then return them within 30 days if they don’t like them.

This gives customers an incentive to buy from Warby Parker because they can test out their products before they commit to buying them (and paying full price).

Make the customer feel special — even if they aren’t yet your customer! Offering value goes beyond just offering free products or services.

How do you beat the competition in digital marketing?

  1. Create original content every day
  2. Optimize everything for mobile users
  3. Use local listings to connect with customers in their area
  4. Use social media to your advantage
  5. Use Google My Business (or similar) to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and boost visibility on Google Maps for local businesses

What are your top 3 digital marketing strategies to attract clients?

  1. Create a video that explains your business model and the value it provides to clients.
  2. Use your social media accounts to showcase your company’s culture and personality.
  3. Build an email list and send out regular newsletters with helpful information related to your industry.

Which digital marketing is best for beginners?

Digital marketing is a big topic and there are many ways to engage with your customers.

However, just because there are many options doesn't mean that you have to try them all. In fact, how you approach digital marketing should depend on your goals and budget.

To answer this question, let's look at the different types of digital marketing:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click ads (PPC)
  • Social media advertising (Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc.)
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing (YouTube)
  • Influencer marketing
  • Mobile advertising (Google AdWords for mobile apps)

What are the four digital marketing strategies?

Digital marketing is an effective way to reach your target audience. You can use it to build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales.

Digital marketing strategies can be divided into four categories:

SEO (search engine optimization). This includes things like Google AdWords and website optimization.

Social media marketing. This includes social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Email marketing. Email is still one of the most effective ways to reach your customers and prospects since it’s so easy to track results and ROI (return on investment).

Paid advertising. Paid advertising can be used in any of these other categories (or even in combination with them), but it allows you to reach people who aren’t currently online or using social media networks if they have opted out of such things entirely


Hopefully, you are able to implement one or two of these digital marketing tips into your strategy.

At the very least, they should make you aware of some important digital marketing tactics that you may not have known about before.

It’s easy to fall behind in this field if you don’t know how to embrace the online marketing trends, so check out these strategies today!